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Expert Service

Go-Green Contracting can help you secure and rebuild. Our estimators and project managers know all of the nuances of the insurance/repair industry. We understand the needs of the owner as well as the adjuster, and will work closely with everyone involved to ensure that the repairs are completed as quickly as possible to reduce all costs. We work with all insurance companies on any type of loss, large or small.

Emergency Services

Always Prepared

mergency Services

We will dispatch a crew immediately for emergency board up and security or water extraction and dry out. We are capable of Thermal investigations, fire restoration, mold remediation, and debris removal.

Fire and smoke damage restoration requires specialized knowledge, training and expertise to ensure the complete removal of odor, smoke and soot contaminants. Upon our initial inspection, we will conduct an evaluation of each area to determine the level of smoke damage, inspect all areas for smoke and odor, inspect for structural damage, evaluate your contents, and prepare a detailed quote to restore your property.

Water damage, whether caused by flooding, broken pipes, sump pump failure, sewer backup, toilet & washer overflows, or any other situation, can cause permanent structural damage. Go-Green Contracting expertise can offer you qualified, competitive and professional services at an affordable price. We can restore your property by providing emergency water extraction, water pump-out, and demolition of wet building materials, power washing, moisture monitoring and the installation of the proper drying equipment.

Unlike most fire and flood restoration companies Go-Green Contracting has the ability to completely reconstruct any damaged areas to their original condition.


Attention to Detail

Go-Green Contracting provides full due diligence services which include a full property inspection of the building exteriors, the interior of all units, grounds, parking areas, and common areas. We will inspect every unit and provide a detailed scope and cost estimate based on your goals. Go-Green Contracting is skilled in distinguishing the difference between deferred maintenance, functional and economic obsolescence. We can also provide a full report including photos and cost estimates detailing the current conditions and recommendations based on your goals.

Asbestos Abatement

Always Prepared

Having successfully completed thousands of abatement projects, our insured specialists bring an unparalleled level of expertise and experience to each and every job. With our own comprehensive corporate safety policies and procedures, our safety record is unsurpassed. Strict medical requirements and drug testing assures that all personnel on your site are in good health and drug-free. Our dedicated, experienced work force is trained in all Michigan Department of Health, OSHA, EPA and local, state, and federal rules and regulations

Lead Abatement

Expert Service

Over some 57 million private homes and one million housing units are still exposed to the hazards of lead-based paints. Go-Green Contracting has technicians that have extensive training with lead removal. We are certified and licensed to provide protection to all occupants. We work in conjunction with apartment owners, building managers and contractors to fulfill legal requirements of Lead Regulations.


Paint stripping and selective demolition. Environmentally safe coating, renovation lead abatement services. Encapsulation and painting services, and construction services. Lead abatement support for Historical property.

Mold Remediation

Attention to Detail

Mold is everywhere. But while it is ever present, it usually remains relatively harmless. However, since mold feeds on cellulose-based materials, all it takes is a little water, condensation, or humidity for it to grow and spread. Once mold contamination gains a foothold, it is rapidly spread via microscopic airborne spores. That is why the first step to successful mold remediation is to hire a competent environmental testing firm to investigate, evaluate, and guide you through the remediation process. Once complete, clearance testing must be performed to ensure a clean building. Go-Green Contracting can help with the selection of a competent testing firm.


Always Prepared

Go-Green Contracting executes demolition projects for a wide array of industrial clientele. Go-Green Contracting has performed these demolition services in both active facility settings and during the asset retirement/investment recovery process for our clients. Demolition work in active manufacturing facilities demands extensive safety measures, careful scheduling, and careful contract management each of which Go-Green Contracting provides on every demolition project.

Go-Green Contracting provides the following Demolition Services:

• Heavy Rigging

• Interior Demolition

• Structural/Total Demolition

• Selective Dismantling/Controlled Demolition

• Investment & Asset Recovery

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